For those of you eager to get 2014 underway, attached is the recently updated IRS Tax Calendar, Publication 509. Download it here for useful information on all tax related deadlines. Stay up-to-date! Samuel L. Hemmeter, CPA, MT… Read More

Thinking about home improvements to wrap up 2013? Get the most from your renovation dollars by focusing on the biggest return on your investment. Properly planning investments in home improvements not only makes sense from a lifestyle standpoint, but you can sometimes reap tax savings as well. Please consider the following ideas… The Residential Energy… Read More

The year is almost over, and this time of year we all start to think about closing this chapter and looking forward to a new 2014 and what it holds for us. Sounds nice, right? So why ruin it by thinking about taxes? With the ATRA enacted January 1, 2013 (yes, I watched CSPAN on… Read More

The following is a brief explanation of the fairly complex U.S. tax rules for U.S. Green Card holders. General Rules In general, U.S. Green Card holders are treated as residents for U.S. income tax purposes and are subject to tax on their world-wide income because they are admitted as lawful permanent residents of the U.S.—this… Read More